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Triop World Spares
Triop World Spares
Triop World Spares

Triop World Spares

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Triop Eggs & Food:

Grow a prehistoric pet from the age of the dinosaurs, with Triop eggs.

- Can hatch in 24 hrs (but please wait for 7-10 days before contacting our customer services)

- Watch them double in size every day

- Study the amazing life cycle of the Triops

- Dry out the Triops sand and produce your own new eggs - awesome!

- Triop food is also included

Our guarantee: We guarantee that one Triop will hatch, but you could have three, four or even more hatchlings. If you have any queries or you are having difficulty with hatching your Triops, please contact our expert Customer Services team who will be happy to help. 

See the drop down bar below to view/download our Triop World instructions.

Triop Food - Triop food is for feeding your Triops every other day. Not for human consumption. Wash hands after handling.

Triop Sand - Triop love to dig, putting sand in the bottom of your tank will help keep the water clean and keep your Triops active and able to lay eggs.


Triop eggs will be back in stock soon!