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Product code: GP009

Drone Home is the first ever game to feature a real drone!

Enjoy this fast-paced kids’ action game where there is a race to save your aliens and get them to safety.

The race is on to launch each of your aliens down the ramp and into the drone. Once an alien is inside the drone, it will lift off and the alien can flee to safety. But watch out!

Whilst you are waiting for the drone to lift off, other players can sabotage your mission by knocking your alien out with their own! The goal is to be the first to get all your aliens safely home.

 For 2-4 players

Contents & Safety Information

  • Launch pad
  • Drone
  • 12 x aliens (3 of each of 4 colours)
  • Rules

For ages 6 years +. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts that may represent a choking hazard. 

  1. Warning! Always operate the drone away from eyes and face.
  2. Adult supervision is recommended.
  3. Never use the Drone outdoors
  4. Do not launch the Drone when it is under a light fixture, fan, or any item that could damage the Drone.
  5. Never leave the Drone unattended while it is being charged or discharged.
  6. Only use the Launch Pad to charge the Drone.
  7. Always catch and handle the Drone on the bottom. Keep fingers away from Drone Propellers.
  8. Never store the Drone on the Launch Pad.
  9. Never expose the Drone to heat or fire.
  10. Store the Drone at room temperature in cool or shaded areas. Do not store in extreme temperatures. Avoid storing in direct sunlight, hot cars or very cold temperatures.
  11. Do not modify the Lithium-Ion battery inside the Drone.  Do not open, dissemble, crush, burn or contact the battery.  Do not handle it with metalwork.


Since our first batch of Drone Homes were producted, we have updated our instruction booklets with the below: 

  • Some instructions may refer to an on-off switch. This is an error, this isn't one.
  • The partially charged drone will charge from the base unit, but when the drone’s internal battery is completely drained (so it will no longer take off) it will not charge from the base unit and needs to be connected via the USB cable until the red light on the drone changes to green.
  • If you lose the charging cable, you can use any working micro-USB connector to connect the drone to a USB power source.